Numina Group And Addverb Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership To Expand - Addverb

Numina Group and Addverb Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership to Expand

Addverb Technologies has announced a strategic North American partnership agreement with Numina Group. The agreement expands the deployment of Addverb’s innovative mobile robots for automation solutions to North American warehouses and gives Numina Group customers access to added innovative technology applications for faster and smarter warehouse order fulfilment automation. 

Addverb Technologies supplies end-to-end automation solutions in warehouse operations to improve performance and accuracy through its fleet of automated robots, material handling technologies, in-house system integration services, and AI-powered software solutions. 

The two companies intend to create the Dynamo series of robots, which will collaborate with human order pickers to improve efficiency. Warehouses can double their productivity and accuracy by combining AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) such as Addverb’s Dynamo Series with software solutions such as Numina’s Real-Time Distribution Software (RTS), which uses voice commands to direct warehouse workers wearing mobile wearable computers and wireless headsets.

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