Crane ASRS Efficiently Loads And Unloads Heavy Items, Ensuring Precise Storage.

Crane ASRS

Crane ASRS efficiently loads and unloads heavy items, ensuring precise storage. It's highly adaptable and compatible with various equipment and locations. Designed for pallet loads of up to 1500 kg, it offers accurate real-time inventory tracking through its modular design

  • Speed (m/s)Up to 4

  • Max Payload (kg)Up to 1500

  • ThroughputUpto 30 pallets/hr

  • Supported PalletsUpto 1200x1200 mm (Customizable)

How Crane ASRS Works

Meeting Requirements like Yours

From meeting high-density storage needs to accurately managing inventory, Crane-based ASRS makes warehousing efficient & quick.

Crane ASRS is ideal for achieving high-density storage. It utilises computer-controlled cranes and automated storage racks which optimises storage space and enhances warehouse operations efficiently.

Crane ASRS simplifies picking at case level by automating pallet retrieval, optimising storage layouts to reduce travel, ensuring real-time inventory tracking, and minimising human errors through precise automation.

Crane ASRS rearranges items for order sequencing, reducing travel time and improving efficiency. It automates item retrieval based on order priorities, minimising errors and ensuring timely order fulfilment.

Tech Specifications

  • Max Speed Up-to 4 m/s
  • Positioning Laser Based
  • Storage Depth Multi Deep
  • Max HeightUp to 40 m

  • Operating Temp.+5 to +45 degrees C

  • Power Supply415 V 3 Phase AC

  • Safety CertificationsCE


Case Studies

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