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Precise SKU Picking Solution

Gone are the days of manual order consolidation, which was both time-consuming and error prone. Addverb’s Goods-to-Person solutions now allow for the efficient and precise picking and delivery of various SKUs required for order consolidation. This process reduces time consumption by over 90% and significantly improves accuracy.

Optimal Pick-by-Voice & Vision

Looking for various SKUs to combine orders can be a time-consuming and frustrating task for your staff. Addverb offers Person-to-Goods picking technologies, which include pick-by-voice, vision, and light, to provide optimal guidance for pickers and ensure accurate and efficient picking operations. Additionally, Addverb’s Warehouse Control System constantly monitors and assigns tasks based on order priority, allowing your business to achieve labour optimisation and efficiency

Streamlined Palletising and Order Fulfilment

Performing repetitive tasks, such as pick-and-place operations, can be physically and mentally exhausting for the workforce. With Addverb’s AI-powered robotic picking solutions, this burden can be alleviated. These solutions utilise advanced algorithms to detect and accurately pick products, while also featuring specially designed grippers that are tailored to the specific product being handled. Whether it’s palletising, de-palletising, or order fulfilment, these versatile robots can handle a wide range of tasks.

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