Medius: Multi Level Shuttle For Storage And Retrieval Of Totes.


Our Medius is a highly dynamic multi-level shuttle system for automated storage and retrieval of cartons/totes on multiple levels.

  • Max Payload (kg)30

  • Speedupto 3.1 m/s

  • Space Utilisation36 totes/ sq. m

  • Throughput 103 totes/hour (for 30m track)

How Medius Works

Meeting Requirements like Yours

Medius offers a range of versatile solutions to enhance the efficiency of warehousing operations, encompassing various aspects such as storage optimisation, order picking, and sequencing.

Medius excels at organising goods in a compact and efficient manner, maximising the utilization of available space by enabling the stacking and storage of cartons within high-density storage systems.

By transporting and organising products in a predetermined order, it assists in maintaining a specific sequence for storing or retrieving items. This can be achieved by programming the shuttle system to adhere to the desired sequence.

By swiftly bringing goods to the pick stations, it significantly reduces the time and effort required for order picking, leading to enhanced productivity.

Tech Specifications

  • Product Dimensions (mm) 1568x934x3800
  • Self Weight (kg) 470
  • Safety Certifications -
  • Max Speed (Empty)3.1 m/s

  • Max Speed (Loaded)3.1 m/s

  • Operating Temp.+5 to +40 Degree C

  • Power Supply220 V Single Phase AC


Case Studies

Addverb's products are helping its customers scale by improving efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing productivity. By automating repetitive tasks, performing complex tasks with precision and accuracy, and enabling customers to adapt quickly to changing market demands, Addverb's automation solutions are enabling businesses to make their operations more efficient.

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