Veloce: Multi-Carton Picking Robot Effectively Stores And Picks Totes.


A fleet of Veloce navigates through grid-based paths to the pre-decided locations for storing and picking carton loads, and work in perfect sync with one another.

  • Payload (kg)240

  • Max. Speed (m/s)1.5

  • Charging TimeUpto 15 minutes

  • Run time Upto 3 hours

How Veloce Works

Meeting Requirements like Yours

Veloce can aid Goods-to-Person picking of cartons and totes, reducing the overall picking time required to enable faster fulfilment

The robot can efficiently and accurately store cartons and totes in a warehouse in its designated location

Veloce enables the storage of returned goods by storing the carton or tote in its designated location.

Tech Specifications

  • Turning Radius On the spot turning
  • Object Detection System 360 degree coverage of Field sensors
  • Navigation Ground Marker Based
  • Operational Mode Auto / Manual

  • Precision Docking (mm)+/- 10

  • Height (m)4.5

  • Drive TypeDifferential


Case Studies

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