Rapido: Pick To Light That Guides Your Workforce To Pick The Right Products


Eliminate time-consuming searching and reduce errors with our Rapido, designed to optimise your workflow and boost productivity.

  • Communication InterfaceDC power line communication

  • Dimensions124.6mm x 53.9mm x 16mm

  • Operating Temperature0 to 85 degrees C

  • Input TypeUpper and Lower function key with confirm button

How Rapido Works

Meeting Requirements like Yours

Improve accuracy and speed in your warehouse operations with PTL technology, which can be used for a wide range of applications including Sorting, Reverse Logistics, and Material Movement.

By implementing Rapido, workers can be directed to the exact location of an item in real-time, eliminating the need for manual sorting and reducing errors. This results in a more efficient and accurate sorting process, enabling faster order fulfilment and improved customer satisfaction.

Rapido used in warehouse picking operations to improve picking accuracy, efficiency, and speed. It uses light displays to guide pickers to the correct locations in the warehouse and indicate the quantity of items to be picked.

Each component is assigned a unique location in the warehouse, and a display is placed at each location. The display shows the items needed for the kit and the quantity required. Rapido is an effective solution for improving the efficiency and accuracy of kitting operations in a warehouse.

Tech Specifications

  • Processor RISC Based Controlling Unit
  • Certification CE
  • Display 4 alphanumeric red digits
  • Power Source24 VOLTS DC

  • Maximum Power960milliwatt

  • InterconnectionTapping based Multidrop Topology

  • LED SignallingSeven colours


Case Studies

Addverb's products are helping its customers scale by improving efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing productivity. By automating repetitive tasks, performing complex tasks with precision and accuracy, and enabling customers to adapt quickly to changing market demands, Addverb's automation solutions are enabling businesses to make their operations more efficient.

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