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Message From the CEO

We aim to embed sustainability throughout our creations, from design to disposal. Our products minimise waste, energy consumption, and environmental footprint. Our manufactured robots are built to be robust, energy-efficient, with batteries lasting longer to minimise the frequency of replacements and reduce environmental impact.

Sangeet Kumar

CEO, Addverb

Sustainability Report

Addverb’s dedication to sustainability is a proactive choice, and we remain committed to creating enduring value and meaningful impact across all facets of our endeavours. We’re proud to present our first Sustainability Report, providing reliable and transparent information regarding our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives. The theme of our Sustainability Report is 'Technological Ecology', resonating with our commitment for a future where each innovation prioritises ecological balance and embodies environmental stewardship, thereby creating a thriving, resilient future for all.

Pioneering a Sustainable Future

Pioneering a Sustainable Future

At Addverb, environmental stewardship isn't just a choice; it's our legacy for the planet and future generations. Amidst pressing challenges like climate change, we're committed to curbing emissions through comprehensive monitoring and reduction measures. Our proactive approach includes creating green belts, leveraging solar energy, and optimising energy consumption with efficient robotics and automation systems.

Water conservation is paramount, with water harvesting systems, STPs, and ETPs in place for recycling and replenishing groundwater. Our comprehensive waste management strategy ensures responsible disposal, including e-waste management and eco-friendly packaging practices, reaffirming our dedication to a sustainable future.

Nurturing Humans of Addverb

Nurturing Humans of Addverb

Addverb is dedicated to build an inclusive workplace environment where employees prosper. With a firm belief in 'Work-Life Integration,' we acknowledge the invaluable time our team members invest in their work. Through meticulous attention to detail in our policies, practices, and philosophies, we've cultivated a culture rooted in passion, courage, and meaningful connections.

Our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and employee well-being is unwavering. We actively prioritise these values through a range of initiatives and committees, ensuring that every individual feels valued and supported. Moreover, our approach to learning and development is dynamic and continuous.

Additionally, we recognise the importance of supporting our employees' aspirations beyond the workplace. Hence, we provide ample opportunities for higher education. At Addverb, we're not just building technology; we're nurturing a community where personal and professional growth thrive.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

At Addverb, we prioritise sound corporate governance as the cornerstone of our enduring institution. Committed to sustainable growth and safeguarding stakeholder interests, we adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance practices.

Aligned with Indian laws and global best practices, our governance framework ensures transparency, accountability, and value creation for all stakeholders. With a diverse Board offering fresh perspectives, we maintain integrity, effective leadership, and proactive risk management. Our resilient policy framework streamlines operations, protects against uncertainties, and drives sustainable growth.

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