Zesty: Pick By Voice For Quick And Accurate Item Picking.


Our Voice-directed picking technology powered by indigenously developed electronic hardware, offers paperless and hands-free order fulfilment solution for smart warehouse, enhancing accuracy and productivity.

  • Speech and AudioAdvanced Speech Recognition

  • Connector TypeCorded Headset

  • Noise ControlActive Noise Cancellation

  • RuntimeUp to 2 hours

How Zesty Works

Meeting Requirements like Yours

Zesty streamlines warehouse operations, improving accuracy and efficiency across piece and full-case picking, returns processing, and cross docking.

Voice-directed picking helps workers to quickly and accurately pick pieces or full cases, without the need for handheld scanners or paper-based lists.

With voice-directed returns processing, workers can quickly and accurately process returned items, reducing the time and labour required for this task.

Zesty can help to improve efficiency and accuracy by directing workers to the correct destination for incoming products, reducing the time required for sorting and staging.

Tech Specifications

  • Corded Yes
  • Certification CE
  • Positioning Support Flexible Boom Arm Tip
  • Bluetooth SupportUp to 15 m

  • Noise Cancellation/Air-Shock ResistentYes

  • Scanner TypeWearable

  • Headset TypeMono-Headset


Case Studies

Addverb's products are helping its customers scale by improving efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing productivity. By automating repetitive tasks, performing complex tasks with precision and accuracy, and enabling customers to adapt quickly to changing market demands, Addverb's automation solutions are enabling businesses to make their operations more efficient.

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