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One of the biggest conglomerates of the world having an interest in petrochemical to telecom wanted to set up an MFC to deliver groceries in quick time and capture a significant market share in instant commerce without compromising on the range of choices. As the MFC would be in the city, they wanted to utilise the space in the most efficient manner while speeding up the rate of order fulfilment and reducing errors. They wanted a solution that could handle a large number of SKUs with minimal manpower, lower operational cost and high order fill rate. They wanted a solution that was easily scalable and flexible and would serve both B2B and B2B2C customers.

Solution Implemented

The key differentiator in an MFC is the degree of automation and the software that manages the order flow inside the MFC. The entire solution was built on our enterprise Warehouse Execution System which brings the best warehouse management system and warehouse control system and integrated different robotic and automation systems seamlessly. We used the carton shuttle system to manage the inventory along with order sequencing and facilitate accelerated picking with the Goods-To-Person system. A fleet of mobile robots was used to deliver inventory crates from the carton shuttle system to GTP stations to keep the system highly flexible and manage the order flow effectively. Mobile robots enabled with computer vision and powered by natural navigation provided safe transportation of inventory crates and made conveyor less transportation a reality. An intelligent fleet of sorting robots was used to sort the batch-picked items to final customer orders. The entire automation solution was designed in a facility built in a space of 15,000 sq. mt

Improvement in Key Results (KPIs)

The MFC is highly automated and managed by software, utilising various robotic and automation systems like carton shuttle and mobile robots, to manage inventory, and order flow all integrated into the enterprise Warehouse Execution System to make the most of limited space.


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