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Addverb’s efficient Rail Guided Vehicle, Travect provides a fast and flexible alternative to continuous conveyor systems used to transport pallets within warehouses and factories.  

  • Speedupto 3 m/s

  • Maximum Payload 1500 kg

  • Track Width850 mm

  • Acceleration0.5 m/s2

How Travect Works

Meeting Requirements like Yours

Rail-guided vehicles (RGVs) in a warehouse can offer several advantages in terms of efficiency, productivity, and safety. Here are some of the optimal use-cases:

Travect can be used to transport materials, goods, or pallets within the warehouse. They can follow predefined routes on the rails, enabling efficient movement without the need for human intervention.

Travect equipped with picking arms or shelves can navigate through the warehouse, locate specific items or orders, and pick them up for further processing or shipping. This streamlines the order fulfilment process and reduces manual labour.

Equipped with sorting mechanisms, Travect can efficiently sort and divert items based on predefined criteria, such as destination, order priority, or product type. This enables faster processing and dispatching of goods to their respective locations.

Tech Specifications

  • Motor Torque 15.9 Nm
  • Power Supply 220 V Single Phase AC
  • Weight of Robot500 kg

  • Operating Temp.+5 to +45 Degree C


Case Studies

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