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Accelerating Productivity with Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Medius, our innovative multi-level shuttle system, optimises the storage and retrieval of materials up to 50 kg, including cartons, crates, and totes. It efficiently accesses 7 storage levels in one aisle, enabling double-deep storage of up to 4 m. The compact design and lightweight construction reduce maintenance and improve energy efficiency.

Crane ASRS efficiently loads and unloads heavy items, ensuring precise storage. It's highly adaptable and compatible with various equipment and locations. Designed for pallet loads of up to 1500 kg, it offers accurate real-time inventory tracking through its modular design.

Quadron, our versatile carton shuttle, automates the storage and retrieval of goods in cartons, crates, and totes of up to 50 kg. It uses a shuttle-based system with vertical lifts and specialised racking, increasing throughput and storage density. It is perfect for high-speed GTP stations, with the potential for 25 shuttles per aisle.

Multi-Pro, our high-throughput shuttle-based ASRS, increases storage density as an intermediate buffer for production, dispatch, and reserve inventory. It includes a mother shuttle powered by a bus bar, releasing a child shuttle onto a perpendicular storage track for accessing and recharging automatically.

Cruiser, our sturdy pallet shuttle, maximizes storage density and productivity by efficiently storing and retrieving pallets. It operates on racking rails, raising and lowering pallet loads. With Wi-Fi control and a replaceable lithium iron phosphate battery, it ensures safety, longevity, and minimal discharge.

Maximise Productivity and Minimise Effort

Attain Seamless Storage, Effortless Retrieval and Unleash the Potential of Shuttle-Based Automation with Quadron

Introducing Quadron, our Carton Shuttle Robot, the epitome of productivity and ease. With seamless storage and retrieval, it unlocks shuttle-based automation's full potential.

Leading the Way with Productivity in Motion through Mother-Child Shuttle System, Multi-Pro

Introducing Multi-Pro, our efficient Mother-Child Pallet Shuttle System. With a 1500 kg payload and powered by Addverb's WCS, experience unparalleled speed and precision.

Simplify, Store, and Soar to Empower Warehouse Operations with a Multi-Level Shuttle System, Medius

Introducing Medius, Addverb's efficient Multi-Level Shuttle System, known for integration and efficiency. With single and double deep storage, 7-level access, speeds up to 3.1 m/s, and a throughput of 70 cartons/hour, it optimises operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does ASRS stand for and how does it work?

    ASRS stands for Automated Storage and Retrieval System. It is a robotic system that automates the storage and retrieval of goods in a warehouse. ASRS consists of racks or shelves, robotic cranes or shuttles, and a control system. When an order is received, the system retrieves the requested items using the robotic cranes or shuttles and delivers them to the designated location. ASRS optimises storage space, improves accuracy, enhances efficiency, and reduces labor costs in the supply chain.

  • How can an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) benefit the warehouse or facility

    An Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) offers several benefits to a warehouse or facility. Firstly, it maximises storage space utilisation by utilising vertical space efficiently. ASRS improves inventory accuracy and reduces errors in order picking, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction. It boosts operational efficiency by automating the storage and retrieval processes, reducing manual labour and increasing throughput. ASRS also enhances workplace safety by minimising the need for human intervention in high-risk areas. Overall, ASRS optimises warehouse operations, increases productivity, reduces costs, and enables better inventory management, making it a valuable investment for any facility.

  • How will an ASRS impact the workforce, and what role will employees play in operating the system?

    An Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) will have a significant impact on the workforce by transforming their roles and responsibilities. While ASRS automates the storage and retrieval processes, employees will play a crucial role in operating and maintaining the system. Their responsibilities may shift towards system monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimising operations. They will be responsible for overseeing system performance, addressing any issues that arise, and ensuring smooth functioning. Additionally, employees will focus on tasks that require human skills, such as quality control, inventory management, and process improvement. ASRS empowers employees to take on more strategic and value-added roles within the warehouse or facility.

  • Can Addverb’s ASRS systems integrate with existing warehouse management systems (WMS)?

    Yes, Addverb's ASRS systems are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). We understand the importance of interoperability and offers flexible solutions that can easily interface with various WMS platforms. By integrating ASRS with the existing WMS, businesses can achieve a synchronised and streamlined operation, enabling real-time inventory tracking, order management, and optimisation of storage and retrieval processes. This integration ensures compatibility between the ASRS and the WMS, allowing for efficient communication and data exchange, ultimately enhancing overall warehouse productivity and accuracy. Addverb's ASRS systems are built with the capability to integrate and collaborate with existing warehouse management systems, maximising operational efficiency.

  • Can ASRS systems handle different types of products?

    Yes, ASRS systems are designed to handle different types of products. Addverb's ASRS solutions are highly customisable and adaptable to accommodate a wide range of product types, sizes, and weights. The system can be configured with various storage modules, such as bins, shelves, racks, or even specialised equipment for handling specific items. ASRS utilises advanced technology, including robotics and automated material handling, to efficiently store and retrieve different products with precision and accuracy. Whether it's small items, bulk goods, fragile items, or heavy equipment, ASRS can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of the products, ensuring optimal storage density and retrieval speed while maintaining product integrity.

  • Why choose Addverb for your Autonomous Storage and Retrieval System?

    Choosing Addverb for your Autonomous Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) offers numerous advantages. Addverb is a leading global robotics company with extensive experience and expertise in automation solutions. Their ASRS systems are highly innovative, reliable, and customisable, tailored to meet the unique needs of your warehouse or facility. Addverb's solutions are designed to maximise efficiency, improve productivity, and optimise space utilisation. With their advanced technology and seamless integration capabilities, Addverb ensures smooth integration with existing warehouse management systems. Moreover, Addverb provides comprehensive support, from installation to after-sales service, ensuring a seamless implementation and ongoing operational excellence. By choosing Addverb, you can trust in their proven track record and commitment to delivering cutting-edge ASRS solutions that drive your supply chain performance to new heights.

  • What factors should be considered when deciding if an ASRS is the right choice for the facility?

    When deciding if an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) is the right choice for your facility, several factors should be considered. Firstly, analyse your storage needs, including the volume and variety of products to be handled. Assess the space availability and layout of your facility to determine if an ASRS can optimise storage capacity. Evaluate the operational requirements, such as throughput, accuracy, and efficiency goals. Consider the cost-effectiveness and return on investment of implementing an ASRS. Additionally, assess the compatibility with existing systems and the scalability for future growth. Lastly, consult with automation experts like Addverb to evaluate the feasibility and benefits of an ASRS tailored to your facility's specific requirements.

  • How does ASRS impact the workforce, and what role will employees play in operating the system?

    The implementation of an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) can have a significant impact on the workforce. While ASRS automates the storage and retrieval processes, employees still play a crucial role in operating and managing the system. Their responsibilities shift towards overseeing and monitoring the ASRS operations, conducting maintenance tasks, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise. Employees become key operators and supervisors, ensuring the smooth functioning of the ASRS and addressing any exceptions or emergencies. Their expertise in system management and knowledge of inventory control remains vital in optimising the ASRS performance and maximising its benefits for the facility. Collaboration between employees and ASRS technology enables efficient warehouse operations.

  • What level of technical expertise or training is required to operate and maintain an ASRS system?

    Operating and maintaining an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) requires a certain level of technical expertise and training. The specific requirements may vary depending on the complexity and customisation of the ASRS system. Generally, operators and maintenance personnel need to undergo comprehensive training programs provided by the ASRS manufacturer or solution provider. This training covers areas such as system operation, control interfaces, troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, and safety protocols. Technical knowledge in areas like robotics, automation, and software interfaces is beneficial. Ongoing support and access to technical documentation from the ASRS provider ensure that operators and maintenance personnel can effectively manage and optimise the system's performance while adhering to safety standards.

  • Can an ASRS be customised to specific business requirements?

    Yes, an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) can be customised to specific business requirements. Addverb offers tailored ASRS solutions that can be designed and configured to meet the unique needs of different industries and facilities. This customisation includes factors such as storage capacity, system layout, integration with existing warehouse management systems, and specific product handling requirements. Addverb's team of experts collaborates with clients to understand their business processes and objectives, enabling them to provide customised ASRS solutions that optimise space utilisation, improve operational efficiency, and enhance inventory management. The flexibility and scalability of Addverb's ASRS systems ensure that they can adapt to evolving business needs and deliver maximum value to the facility.