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We are a young and dynamic team of engineers, designers, and business professionals who are passionate about innovation and creating value for their customers. The team at Addverb is highly skilled and experienced in their respective domains, and they work together in a collaborative environment to develop innovative solutions for their clients.

We firmly believe in nurturing and empowering our young talent to tackle the world's most complex and innovative problems with technology and passion. In our six-year journey, we've witnessed numerous talent transformations, as our young and passionate dreamers and performers fresh out of academia have delivered world-class products and solutions.

We are deeply committed to cultivating a culture that encourages innovation, and we take great pride in doing so. Our values serve as the foundation of our culture, and we strive to create a workplace where freedom with responsibility is propagated, and self-governance is encouraged for all.

Our emphasis on fostering a culture of creative problem-solving not only inspires employees to think differently at the workplace but also encourages them to tackle challenges outside of work, making Addverb a fertile ground for innovators. We wholeheartedly support our employees who aspire to make their mark in their chosen fields with their passion and energy. Our guidance and mentorship provide them with the tools they need to pursue their dreams and soar to new heights.

Get To Know Different Roles

Financial Planning Analysis & Reporting

Financial Planning Analyst is responsible for assisting in preparation of annual operating plan of the company, cascading on time relevant financial information to stakeholders who are owning up revenue and cost centers, timely preparation of company financials and resolution of audit queries. They also forecast where the business is going, track progress, mitigate risks, and discover opportunities.

Taxation- Specialists

Our Taxation specialists manage just about everything related to taxes, in every country where Addverb does business in.This role is responsible for delivering a full range of tax services in compliance with laws and regulations within timeframe. This role also ensures maintenance of tax related statutory compliances across Addverb and its subsidiaries around the world.

Accounts Payables and Receivables

Finance & Accounts role is responsible for the bookkeeping of Addverb's financial accounts of all the subsidiaries of Addverb across the world as per the legal statutory requirements. This role ensures that Addverb keeps a check on finances that move in and out of Addverb.

Public Relations

A PR (public relations) manager is responsible for managing Addverb's relationship with the public, including media outlets, customers, investors, and other stakeholders. Their main objective is to build and maintain a positive public image for Addverb.


An event manager is responsible for planning and executing events on behalf of Addverb. Their main objective is to ensure that events are well-organized, well-attended, and meet the company's goals and objectives.


Addverb's brand managers are responsible for developing and implementing strategies to promote Addverb's brand or brands. Their main objective is to increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, and market share.

Growth Marketing

The role of a growth marketer at Addverb is to identify and implement strategies to drive growth and revenue through a data-driven approach. Growth marketing focuses on finding new and innovative ways to acquire customers, retain them, and increase revenue.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketers create and execute strategies that use digital channels to reach specific audiences. They drive traffic, generate leads, and increase brand awareness, ultimately boosting revenue through various channels such as social media, email, SEO, and PPC advertising.

Graphic Designing

At Addverb, the graphic designers to create visual content that communicates a message or idea to a specific audience. They work on a range of design projects including digital and print media such as websites, brochures, flyers, packaging, logos, advertisements, social media graphics, and more.

Validation Engineer

Validation Engineer is responsible for testing and validation of hardware and software algorithms for MR products to ensure standardised quality of products thereby enuring robustness and smooth running of products at the customer sites.


A researcher looks the development and proof of concept of state-of-the-art technologies and algorithms in the field of navigation, motion planning, fleet management, Perception and Control of Mobile Robots using Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence across all the robotic products.

Robotics Engineer

Addverb's mobile robots use natural navigation and grid navigation for movement and a Robotics Engineer is responsible for developing algorithms and Proof of concepts for controls, navigations, vision and fleet management system.

Mobile Robotics

Mobile Robots are used to automate our warehouses through the help of the smartest brain hired from premium colleges and fortune 500 companies, which improves human efficiency by fulfilling fixed operations like replenishment, picking, shelving and material movement from one point to another within the warehouse. Our mobile robots use natural navigation & grid navigation for movement.


Team ensures efficient working of all Equipment's by doing preventive and autonomous maintenance to achieve MTTR and MTBF targets. Various measures are implemented for optimization of resources like Energy, power and water consumption and to keep check on emissions as per state and central laws.


Final Packing as per defined standards and on time delivery of material to domestic and export customers is handled by Dispatch team.


Our inhouse automated ASRS is managed by our store by managing material inward and outward through SAP. The team manages optimum inventory and ensures timely delivery of material to project location.

Product Quality

The team of product quality plans and assures the Final Quality of the end product by co-ordinating with different process owners. Essentially the team liaisons with Projects team & After Sales function to ensure fast resolution of field claims & ensure the smooth implementation of Warranty Management System.

Process quality

This role looks after robots inspection, testing and evaluation of incoming & in-process quality along with supplier quality products. They ensure the IMS and customer standards are met by continuous implementation of RCA and CAPA.

Supply Chain Management

Managers and Executives are responsible for closely working with planning team, projects team and purchase team for ensuring material availability from a wide base of national and international vendors as per defined quality standards.

Production Planning and Control

Monthly roll our of production plan and ensuring availability of required resources are driven by PPC. Customer order fulfilment as per time line are closely monitored through SAP by PPC team members

Manufacturing Engineering

ME team owns the responsibility for overall R&D products manufacturing along with selection, installation, and commissioning of new equipment. Critical aspects like review of engineering documents , process improvement and process development are taken care by this team.

Production Operators

Production Operators are instrumental in achieving the daily production targets by maintaining quality standards defined under integrated management system.

Section Head Production

Our Section heads are responsible to drive end-to-end production activities with the objective of meeting daily / monthly PQCDSM targets and for driving continuous improvement of operations to ensure section profitability and people development in their respective areas.

Product Manager

Product Manager is responsible for developing the product portfolio & services for the company by defining the product selection and market strategy, representing the market/customers within our company and providing guidance to the sales in all the product-related aspects. This person acts as a facilitator between the Sales and Engineering team by bridging the gap.

International HR

The International HR looks after Addverbians based out of different regions in the world to ensure standardised employee experience for all Addverbians but at the same time complying with different norms and regulations specific to a particular country/geography.

L&D Specialists

L & D Specialist focusses on equipping Addverbians with required knowledge and expertise to not just carry out their current roles effectively but also help build the capability for their future roles. This team understands the learning needs from the businesses basis organization priorities and creates the learning charter for Addverb.

C&B Specialist

C & B specialist focuses on all aspects of Global Mobility, Rewards and Wellness. They define the plan on Compensation & Benefits and Payroll and ensure wellbeing of Addverbians in terms of Physical, Mental and Financial aspects. They create guidelines for the organisation and enable leaders to make informed decisions through HR Analytics.

Business Partners

The HR Business Partners (HRBP) at Addverb are strategic thinkers who play a critical role in enabling businesses to achieve their goals by guiding, coaching and developing talent in the teams. They also coach and advise the Senior Leadership on day-to-day matters and are deeply involved in ensuring a remarkable and seamless employee experience to all Addverbians.

Global Talent

This role helps in identifying, selecting and onboarding prospective Addverbians across the globe. They partner with leaders on understanding and planning workforce requirements through the year and help businesses scale by bringing in talent from top universities and organizations throughout the world.

Company Secretary

At Addverb, Company Secretary not only provides secretarial assistance to the board but also provide them with expert advice in many respects.They are an important component of a company’s managerial hierarchy working in the capacity of the company registrar. This role also ensures that the company complies with the statutory and directives of company, security and corporate laws.

Legal Associate

At Addverb we always ensure that the company and its subsidiaries adhere to all the legal standards as well as internal policies and procedures. The legal associate ensures that the firm is compliant with laws, rules and regulations and best corporate governance practices. They work towards creating frameworks, agreements that help Addverb work seamlesslessly with business partners.

Site Execution

Site execution engineers are responsible for planning the installation and commissioning of the automation system as per project scope, design, schedule, and quality within the budget provided. They optimise the project plan to enhance the utilisation of equipment/resources, increase the productivity of existing manpower and reduce I&C costs.


PMO is responsible for initiating and planning the complete project life cycle in coordination with all stakeholders and ensuring compliance with project governance for each phase of the project as per project schedule, design and quality parameters, followed by final handover to customer & sales/support team.

Project Manager

Project Managers are responsible for the Project management of various projects throughout the life cycle of the project. They ensure stage-wise adherence to project schedule, monitor site EHS & statutory compliances. They ensure that the project is completed within the stipulated scope, schedule, quality, and budget.

Advanced Design Engineer

Advanced Design Engineers are responsible for creating control architecture teams and working as a SPOC for other stakeholders. The project control team also provides remote support to the site team during installation & commissioning. They carry out value engineering in terms of new technology and control architecture to reduce project timeline & cost.

Panel Architect

Panel Architects are responsible for creating detailed panel drawings, including component selection as per control design inputs. They Coordinate with vendors for components and with panel builders for Panel manufacture. Panel Architects prepare cable schedule & coordinate with the team doing cable sizing and length.

Control Architect

Control Architect is responsible for creating CAD layout drawings, placing devices marking operating, safety, and emergency zones, and creating cable routing diagrams showing cable trays. Control architect carries out cable sizing and calculation of cable lengths, creates a bill of material for field equipments and coordinates with vendors & Supply Chain team.

Automation Engineer/Lead

Automation Engineer is responsible for the development of control systems (PLC/ HMI/ SCADA) basis the solutions designed and partner requirements. This role focusses on implementing the best practices within the scheduled time and cost while adhering to quality norms and thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.

Project Designer

The Project Designer's primary responsibility is to design tailored solutions that meet the customer's needs within budget and schedule. This involves understanding the project's material flow and validating the solution, as well as preparing a layout that minimizes deviation from the standard product portfolio.

Product Designer

Our creative and talented Product Designers are responsible for conceptualising, designing & introducing new products and improving existing products with various criteria related to functionality, manufacturability, maintainability, aesthetics, cost-effectiveness, user experience and environmental & safety standards.

Mechanical Engineer

The role of an R&D mechanical engineer is to develop and improve mechanical systems and components using advanced engineering principles and tools. They also analyse data and perform testing to ensure the performance and reliability of the products they design.

Product Commissioning

Product Commissioning engineers have to ensure proper product testing once it’s manufactured according to the product standards, report bugs/issues and help solve them, install, commission and hand over the product. This includes logging the product issues, giving feedback to the designer, documenting the development, helping hand it over to the customer.

Virtual Commissioning

Virtual Commissioning engineers design the architecture and technology stack for efficient and smooth virtual commissioning before actual site commissioning. They develop a Virtual Model/Digital Twin to validate and optimize software such as PLC logic, WCS logic, and FMS logic before deployment on the actual site.

Control Designers

Control Designers design and improve products using new technologies, considering factors like functionality, cost-effectiveness, and safety. They research, define engineering requirements, evaluate components, and develop new products.

Information Security Analyst

Information Security Analyst is responsible for working in our growing IT Security team. They monitoring our computer networks and environment for security issues by installing security software and taking premptive measures to keep away any security issues or breaches in the existing infrastructure.

UI/UX Engineers

UI/UX Engineers are responsible for requirement analysis, wireframe design, prototype design and interface designs. This role requires one to design and develop user friendly and responsive web and mobile interfaces.

Quality Assurance Engineer

QA Engineers scrutinize the deployment of our Software through a very stringent and rigorous process enabling the building of robust products. They ensure end to end testing of our products thereby helping Addverb meet our partner's requirements ensuring timely project delivery.

DevOps Engineer

Our DevOps engineer combine Software Development and IT operations with an aim to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality. DevOps is complementary to Addverb's AGILE software development; several DevOps aspects came from the agile way of working.

Software Architect

Our Software Architects are responsible for high level design choices related to overall system structure and behaviour. They lead, guide and coach the team of Software Engineers that helps Addverb reimagine its products and functioning thereby customizing our offerings to our partners.

Software Development Engineer

Software Codes are the brain of every product and our Software Development Engineers weave in their creativity through codes to ensure robustness of our products. Our engineers use cutting-edge tech and programming languages to tackle partners' complex problems of scale and complexity.

On site Support/ Operations & Maintenance Role

They are the backbone of our "Dedicated Support" offering to our customers. This role is based out of our customer sites where one looks after the smooth running of all the operations and Addverb products at the location.

Customer Excellence

Customer Centricity is one of our core values at Addverb and our dedicated customer excellence team is the key towards this aspect by supporting all the customers 24*7 and ensures resolving issues within 48-72 hours.

Spare Part Management

This role manages spare parts to ensure smooth operation and maintenance at customer sites. They visit clients regularly to anticipate and address issues. They are responsible for maintaining and managing inventory based on customer needs and projections.

Firmware Architect

Firmware Architect is responsible for supporting the firmware development team in the design, development and production of our firmware supported products. This role is responsible for testing, documenting and creating firmware standards.

Hardware Architect

The Hardware Architect develops, installs, and analyzes complex hardware components for electrical and robotic systems. They design base hardware systems, analyze computer performance data, collaborate with software engineers, and modify existing hardware platforms to enhance functionality.

Sales Manager

The Sales Manager develops sales and business in a specific region/vertical/segment through research and lead generation. They ensure revenue and profitability targets are met, gather requirements for enquiry qualification, support proposal engineering, and negotiate to maintain desired project profitability.

Data Analyst

Data Analyst is responsible for gathering information and deriving meaningful insights and standards from the solutions and analyze data, material flow, and layouts. Data Analyst creates a suitable concept of automation for the customer’s problem statement by defining the storage capacities, throughput, and material flow of the system.

Animation & Simulation Engineer

Animation & Simulation Engineer is responsible for designing & developing 3d models & animations in order to support the Sales & Marketing team in making the customer/stakeholders visualize the solution. This role is responsible for simulating the bottlenecks/issues and suggests a solution to achieve the theoretically designed throughput of the proposal.

Solutioning Designer

Solutioning Designer gathers information from the Sales team and then designs a suitable concept of automation for the customer’s problem statement, considering the type of technology, architecture, PLC, Switch Gear, Panels. Solutioning Designer is responsible for preparation of the layout basis the material flow and capacity for various equipment.

Quality Assurance

Quality is crucial in the supply chain, from inspections during manufacturing to pre-delivery checks. The quality purchasing department verifies that materials meet specifications and are suitable for Addverb's world-class products before use.

Import & Export Specialist

Import & Export specialist foresees the movement of goods between the home country and other countries which includes Internationl Shipment handling (Import & Export), Custom Clearances, Freight Forwarder Selection, Shipping line selection & Transit time assurance.

Purchase Specialist

Purchase Specialist performs activities related to purchasing materials, equipment, and services for Manufacturing. They are specialists in updating purchase orders, negotiations & process improvements. They monitor the cost, schedule, and performance metrics of contracts and subcontracts ensuring procurement of best in class material and equipment.

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