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Robotics is going to play a definite role going forward

We all know, that past one to two years have been real challenge for all the verticals, and automobile was one of the worst hit at that point of time. Now it is picking up. We have seen a lot of challenges in automobile supply chain in past, which has been there, this V shape, recovery means, we really need the supply chain to be more robust. We want supply chain to be from the standpoint that’s able to take this kind of demand, which is expected to be there in next year or two years, hoping that the pandemic goes down, and, there is no there is no third wave coming in.

Biggest challenge which I would like to mention is, overstocking, storage and right inventories, because visibility is not there. You need to be controlling the supply chain from all aspects. I will also talk about the pandemic effects which have actually affected supply chain and how things are moving as far as supply chain is concerned and what all needs to be done. Further Singh says, the majority of supply chain professionals today, already use some level of efficient tools, we know most of which only work on one specific task. So due to this complexity on the supply chain tasks, many tools can become a burden to managers right now. Often takes longer times for audit, and the reason for that is it’s totally manual or there is some level of automation, which is related to barcodes or rfid. Here robotics along with wms is going to play a definite role going forward, that’s what is going to improve the storage, inventory stage and overstocking of the supply chain.

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