Landmark Group Partners With Addverb For Kuwait Fulfilment Centre

Landmark Group Transforms Ecomm Fulfilment Centre in Kuwait with Innovative Automation Solution from Addverb

Landmark Group, a leading retail and ecommerce conglomerate in the GCC, has entered into a strategic partnership with Addverb, a global leader in robotic and automation solutions, to modernise its Fulfilment centre in Kuwait. With an established legacy, Landmark Group has consistently pioneered consumer experiences across MENA, India and Southeast Asia

The integration of Addverb's cutting-edge automation into the group's Kuwait fulfilment centre not only enhances operational efficiency but also reinforces Landmark Group's standing as an industry leader dedicated to delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction through ongoing innovation and strategic partnerships. The fulfilment centre now features an innovative automation solution, including a fleet of Zippy, Addverb's robotic sorters, with a system throughput of up to 1,000 sorts per hour. Additionally, the centre utilises Quadron, Addverb's carton shuttles, each boasting a throughput of up to 100 crates per hour.

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