Addverb Technologies Reinforces Its Global Position As Pioneers In Human-Robot Collaboration - Addverb

Addverb Technologies Reinforces its Global Position as Pioneers in Human-Robot Collaboration

Addverb, India’s leading robotics and automation company has unveiled a new brand purpose and identity as it further spreads its wings in the automation industry. The company’s fresh and new identity is aligned with the present positioning of the organisation in global markets. Since its inception, Addverb has used robotics to deliver innovative warehouse automation solutions that help customers scale their operations in a fast and effective manner.

Commenting on the development, Sangeet Kumar, CEO and Co-Founder, Addverb said “This brand rehash comes at a time when we have established our global footprints and is aligned with our vision and strategy to expand beyond warehouse automation and explore the realm of human-robot collaboration.”

The new brand identity is more modern and globally acceptable while associates with the present positioning of the organisation as a pioneer in designing innovative warehouse automation solutions. The new brand identity reflects the personality of Addverb and its people – Passion, Courage, and Innovation that Addverb brings in all its solutions, will open new realm of possibilities for the company. The vibrant red perfectly captures the passion and the ability to deliver audacious solutions that the people at Addverb possess.

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