This Made In India Robotics & Automation Company Aims For Rs 1000 Crore  In Revenues In The Next 2 Years - Addverb

This Made In India Robotics & Automation Company Aims for Rs 1000 Crore  in Revenues in the Next 2 Years

Due to expanding consumer demand and a thriving e-commerce industry, there is an increase in need for warehouse management systems and automation solutions on a worldwide scale. As a result, we are seeing growth in the FMCG, F&B, and e-commerce sectors. Intralogistics systems are being used by businesses to manage inventory, supply chains, and to satisfy consumer demand for faster delivery.

As we can see, Addverb has created a global presence, particularly in the American market. The business is ready to satisfy the escalating demand. Moreover, Addverb has hired industry professionals to help ensure that the solutions are adaptable and adhere to industry standards. These professionals are well-versed in respective international markets.

Addverb is aiming to achieve billion dollars in terms of revenue in the next 5 years. In order to achieve the same, the company is establishing its second manufacturing facility which will be the world’s largest manufacturing facility. The new facility can manufacture up to 60,000 robots in a year. Recently, Addverb inaugurated its new software development centre in Noida, that will enable Addverb to focus on developing cutting-edge enterprise software solutions for the company’s expanding range of robots and will help it to become the world’s biggest robotics company and provide products and solutions in different domains like airports and healthcare apart from material handling and warehouse automation.

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