Outlook 2024: Focus On Automation, Robotics, Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, And Inventory Management Will Intensify - Addverb

Outlook 2024: Focus on automation, robotics, energy efficiency, sustainability, and inventory management will intensify

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, the digital transformation of Indian warehousing and logistics is critical. It is a necessary factor for the organizations to survive. To embrace the future of warehousing and logistics in India, businesses may leverage the power of digital technologies to create exceptional efficiency and connectedness by embracing them. As a result, productivity rises, operations are streamlined, and consumer satisfaction increases. By doing so, companies can position themselves as industry leaders and will be able to adapt and thrive in an era of perpetual innovation and change.

Understanding the importance of digitization and other technological advancements, the Government has introduced new initiatives such as PM Gati Shakti and the National Logistics Policy (NLP), which have helped the Indian warehousing sector to make significant strides as well as a thriving logistics industry, production-linked incentive-based manufacturing, and a growing e-commerce ecosystem.

In India, we have more than 40% of the total warehousing stock classified as grade A. The integration of smart technology is now utilized to sort, package, and transfer products across the supply chain, even inside the warehouses. India is also promoting in-house technology development and manufacturing to help players grow their businesses.

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