Delhi: New Robotic Tech For Ultrasound With Doctor At Arm’s Length - Addverb

Delhi: New robotic tech for ultrasound with doctor at arm’s length

Researchers from IIT Delhi and AIIMS have developed a tele-robotic system that can help conduct ultrasound remotely.
In a routine ultrasound setting, the doctor stands in close contact for long durations with the patient, which was less of a problem until the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world.

During the pandemic, Dr Chadrashekhara from AIIMS said they realised that close proximity with patients increased the risk of exposure to Covid-19, and, therefore, they approached IIT Delhi to explore the possibility of a robotic system that could help conduct ultrasound remotely. IIT Delhi has a tie-up with Addverb — a robotics company.
It took all the researchers and the company seven to eight months to design the tele-robotic ultrasound, said Dr Chandrashekhara, additional professor, department of radiology, AIIMS. “There are some refinements needed before the system can be used for patient services,” he added.

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