The Robotic Guy: Sangeet Kumar, CEO And Co-Founder, Addverb - Addverb

The Robotic Guy: Sangeet Kumar, CEO and Co-Founder, Addverb

As a leader in warehouse automation, Addverb specializes in Mobile Robotics, Material Handling Automation, and Warehouse enterprise software. Addverb provides comprehensive warehouse automation solutions that seamlessly integrate fixed and flexible automation for diverse sectors.

Talking about the solutions, Sangeet Kumar, CEO and Co-Founder, Addverb says, "We've successfully delivered innovative and value-driven solutions to over 300 clients across diverse industries. Our impact is evident in transforming operations, such as making PepsiCo's 4th largest production plant in India more sustainable, helping Ajio achieve an impressive 30,000 sorts/ hour for streamlined reverse logistics, providing Lenskart with end-to-end automation to reduce order turnaround time from days to hours, and enabling HUL to fulfill orders for 28,000 Kirana stores within 24 hours."

The company's second manufacturing which is the world's largest mobile robots manufacturing facility can manufacture up to 1,00,000 robots a year. Sharing more on the growth front, Kumar mentions, "Currently 80% of our revenue comes from India and 20% from overseas markets, which will change in the next five years. Addverb intends to broaden its business operations to ensure that 50% of its revenue comes from international markets and 50% from the Indian market.

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