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Robots on the Rise: How India Can Become a Leader in Robotics Manufacturing

Nowadays, robotics are extremely popular in mining, packaging, manufacturing, and assembly sectors. Basically, robotics is the branch of technology that is related to the design, construction, operation, structural depositions, manufacture, and application of robots. Industrial robots are gaining a huge traction all over the world, mostly in the automotive industry due to their reliability, speed, intelligence, and accuracy. Although robotics are becoming extremely useful in every industrial sector there are loads of grave challenges that need to be addressed soon. For instance, in India, the expense of adopting this technology is tremendously high as hardware components are imported and training personnel are also costly. In this nation, there are hardly any proper institutes that teach robotics and engineering students don't even have much idea about it. In this regard, we spoke to Satish Shukla,

Co-founder & Head, Addverb Technologies about the current challenges of making bots in India, the growth scenario of the robotics manufacturing in India, and how the country is poised to lead the sector in the coming few years.

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