How Automation Helped Marico Increase Warehouse Production Capacity - Addverb

How automation helped Marico increase warehouse production capacity

Marico collaborated with Addverb to know more about the manufacturing requirements and conducted substantial data mining with production and inventory data to build a green field plant along with an in-house warehouse. 

Addverb deployed material handling automated solutions such as ASRS, Mother-Child Shuttle system, Interflying packaging, and integration of all of these with the existing SAP and EWM. 

Overcoming the obstacles, Marico was able to increase output to 60000KL per year in a warehouse area, as well as improve their cosmetic products manufacturing and with the adoption of the ASRS, the complete storage facility can store 10300 pallets under 2300 square meters. With the mother and child operating at speeds of 3 m/s and 0.8 m/sec, respectively, the entire throughput of the system is 28 pallets per hour, allowing them to generate quicker packaging of the items while also increasing staff and material safety. 

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