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Addverb Technologies: Bots Clear Bottlenecks

Automation is the need of the hour, more than ever before. And innovation and disruption even more paramount in the health care sector. Realising this, Addverb Technologies—an end-to-end customised automation solution provider that has been working in this space for four years—has pivoted into the health care segment to assist frontline workers.

“We launched Decimator, a UV disinfectant robot that disinfects any area with the help of UV rays. They have been deployed in hospitals and quarantine centres,” says Sangeet Kumar, CEO and co-founder of Addverb Technologies. “With natural navigation capability and computer vision, Decimator moves from place to place and sprays UV rays across 360 degrees and automatically sprays disinfectant in indoor spaces too.” Apart from seeing encouraging demand in India, it has seen a few takers in the US and Southeast Asia as well.

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