Addverb Plans To Achieve $1 Bn Topline Providing Automation Solutions By 2028: Satish Shukla - Addverb

Addverb plans to achieve $1 bn topline providing automation solutions by 2028: Satish Shukla

Addverb Technologies, a Noida-based robotics startup, provides intra-logistics automation solutions for the manufacturing and supply chain industry. Since opening its second manufacturing plant in India, the company has experienced a significant surge in robot demand, particularly from the E-commerce and retail sectors. According to Satish Shukla, co-founder of Addverb, the company has set an ambitious target to achieve $1 billion in revenue over the next five years, which would, be nearly 20 times what it achieved last year.

Our product portfolio itself is a key differentiator. Then there is the solution capability that we have. In our earlier profiles, all of us were working for companies like Asian Paints, ITC, etc. where we used automation extensively, and as a user, we have a lot of insights into how these automation systems should be used and how the warehouse material flow should be designed. So, we don't follow a product-first approach rather we follow solution first approach. Another thing that differentiates us is configurable software.

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