McMurray Stern In Partnership With Addverb, Unveil State-Of-The-Art Warehouse Automation Tech Center - Addverb

McMurray Stern in Partnership with Addverb, Unveil State-Of-The-Art Warehouse Automation Tech Center

After years of meticulous planning and collaboration, McMurray Stern, a valued partner of Addverb, is announcing the grand opening of a cutting-edge warehouse automation Tech Center. McMurray Stern, in partnership with Addverb, are inviting industry stakeholders, partners, and technology enthusiasts to experience the Tech Center firsthand during its grand unveiling on October 13, 2023.

The Tech Center's inception began several years ago when McMurray Stern recognized the need to accelerate its presence in the automated storage and retrieval sector. With a strong history, especially through its partnership with Spacesaver, the company saw untapped opportunities beyond traditional shelving and racking solutions. To bridge this gap and provide clients with a tangible understanding of these innovations, a physical representation of groundbreaking technology was essential.

McMurray Stern collaborated with technology partners, including Addverb, to bring this vision to life. This joint effort, supported by both companies' hardware and software engineering teams, resulted in the Tech Center. Sriram Sridhar, CRO, Addverb Americas mentioned, ”This facility offers an immersive, hands-on experience that would enable clients across North America to grasp the benefits and ROI potential of warehouse automation.

As a key partner for this facility, Addverb is supplying hardware solutions for Sortation, point-To-Point Transportation, and Carton Shuttling. Additionally, McMurray Stern has chosen Addverb's Enterprise Warehouse Management Software to oversee the entire operation, integrating third-party robotic hardware and software.

The driving force behind the Tech Center's creation was to offer customers an immersive, hands-on experience, allowing them to gain a profound understanding of technology in the context of warehouse automation. It serves as a dynamic space where visitors can witness solutions firsthand and envision their application within their own operations. Beyond its state-of-the-art status, it features working automation solutions with articulated and mobile robots showcasing Automated Storage and Retrieval, Order Fulfillment, Decanting, Sorting, and Shipping. This positions McMurray Stern as a leader in warehouse automation innovation.

The Tech Center's impact reverberates not only in inspiring innovation but also in offering unique, tailored solutions to clients. "We are thrilled to open our Tech Center in Santa Fe Springs," said Pat Fitzpatrick, CRO of McMurray Stern. "This facility represents our commitment to delivering cutting-edge storage solutions that can transform businesses and organizations. We invite everyone to come and explore the future of storage technology with us."