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Localised grocery solution

Thinking small makes big things feasible for MFCs (micro-fulfilment centres), says Pieter Feenstra, CEO, Addverb EMEA.

A sharp contrast to its traditional counterparts, being compact can be considered an evolutionary advantage for these modular facilities one which makes them financially and logistically viable on various counts. On a very basic level, they can be accommodated in densely populated cities and urban centres, placing them at an advantage in comparison to the sizeable, centralised distribution hubs (as large as 300,000 square feet) situated in city outskirts or on industrial estates.

The modular nature of MFCs allows them to have high storage density by utilising cubic volume of space and enables easier quality control and data management.

The highly volatile and demand-driven nature of e-grocery allows little room for error, and counts on speed and accuracy of operations, neither compromising the other. The technology for an MFC is a mix of fixed and flexible automation. For fast-moving and fixed SKUs, Addverb’s Quadron shuttle (Carton Shuttle Solution) is suitable. For slow-moving and flexible SKUs, Addverb’s Veloce AGV/ AMR is deployed. Each of these is said to deliver with 100% accuracy and minimal human intervention.

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