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Why Micro Fulfillment Centres Are The Future of Retail?

How do you think the consumers will shop in 2035? Currently, there is a greater demand for lucidity and escalated personalisation from grocery shopping. This helps consumers to make illuminated decisions to support their dietary needs, values, occasional requirements and health goals. This rapid switch in consumer demand, combined with emerging technologies and trends, will lead to a ‘supermarket of the future’ (micro fulfillment) with an advanced omni-channel experience and efficient operating model.

Automation is one of the key elements of the Future Supermarkets. It reduces costs and manual work and helps in keeping a focused approach towards enhancing the overall shopping experience for the customers. Currently, the brick and mortar business delights customers experience through high-quality fresh produce, delicious food with an attractive gastro ambience and unforgettable, satiating social interaction. Smart merchandising solutions will make the retail shopping space more appealing to the customers, exponentially eliminating wastage simultaneously.

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