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AI and innovation disrupting the marketing landscape

Artificial intelligence or AI is the most hyped term in current times. Businesses and people are both leveraging this technology to market their AI-enabled products, and both groups are on the lookout for intelligent AI-enabled items. The topic of what artificial intelligence is arises, and the simple answer is that it is the emulation of human intelligence processes by computers, particularly computer systems like facial or voice recognition.

The world and our daily lives are changing as a result of the use of Al as a tool. There are many commercial applications for artificial intelligence. Each organisation prioritises increasing both operational effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Companies today are integrating a range of digital technologies into their operations to improve the customer experience. Marketers may get a more in-depth understanding of their target consumers with platforms powered by Al. The insights generated by artificial intelligence that are gleaned from this optimisation process may subsequently be used to increase conversions while also lightening the strain on marketing teams.

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