Key Reasons Behind The Increased Demand For Piece Picking Robots: Sangeet Kumar, Addverb Technologies - Addverb

Key reasons behind the increased demand for piece picking robots: Sangeet Kumar, Addverb Technologies

E-commerce or online commerce is buying and selling of goods or services online – from the internet. The rise of internet over the recent years, has contributed a lot to the growth of the ECommerce industry. With this current era of digitisation, the e-commerce industry is expected to go through an exponential growth in the coming future.

According to the India Brand Equity Foundation, “India’s e-commerce sector is estimated to reach US $111 billion by 2024 and USD $200 billion by 2026. The rapid surge in the e-commerce industry has led to the industry giants to innovate their ways to meet customer expectations and deliver the ever-increasing orders on time. This is where the industry giants have switched towards automated warehouses and adopted robotics solutions or picking technologies to meet the customer requirements.

For order fulfilment, piece-picking operations are the most time consuming and redundant. To utilise their workforce better, adoption of piece-picking technologies, like piece-picking cobots and Pick-to Light and Pick-by-Voice solutions are on the rise, which help the warehouse worked fulfil the picking operations faster and more accurately.

Piece-picking robots autonomously selects the each with the help of QR codes and moves the each to the order collection bin. Incorporating a piece-picking robots to E-commerce industry’s intralogistics ensures boosted productivity, high throughput, increased accuracy, and saves lot of time and cost.

Sangeet Kumar, CEO, Addverb Technologies also mentions the reasons behind the increased demand of piece-picking robots.

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