Invenova And Addverb: Transforming The Future Of Distribution Centers Automation In Mexico. - Addverb

Invenova and Addverb: Transforming the Future of Distribution Centers Automation in Mexico.

The world of warehouse distribution automation is currently undergoing an unprecedented revolution, and the Mexican Logistics and Distributions industries are embracing this change with excitement and opportunity. Addverb, a leading warehouse automation solutions company is partnering with Invenova, a Mexico-based leading provider of warehouse distribution integrations and automation.

Together, Addverb and Invenova will focus on elevating warehouse distribution centers throughout Mexico and Latin America, offering new levels of efficiency, innovation and product throughput. Sriram Sridhar, CRO for Addverb Americas stated, “We couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with Invenova. Their capabilities, professionalism and knowledge of the distribution markets make this a great opportunity for us elevate warehouse automation in Mexico.”

The partnership brings increased operational efficiency, by allowing Mexico-based warehouse distributors to optimize operations, reduce processing times, and increase delivery accuracy. It also marks a significant milestone for automation in Mexico, transforming logistics by driving efficiency, innovation, and cutting-edge technology. On behalf of Invenova, Pedro Carreras, CEO of Invenova, commented the following: "We are excited to collaborate with Addverb. This opportunity allows us to enhance warehouse automation in Mexico, thanks to their expertise and technology. Together, we will provide robust, customized solutions to boost efficiency in warehouse management in the region."

An automated and efficient future in the logistics industry is just around the corner, and we are thrilled to be part of this transformative journey for Mexico and beyond.