Addverb Inaugurates Second State-of-the-art Software Development Centre In Noida - Addverb

Addverb inaugurates second state-of-the-art Software Development Centre in Noida

Addverb Technologies, a leading robotics and automation company, inaugurated a new Software Development Centre (SDC) in Noida. The centre, based in Skymark One, Noida will enable Addverb to focus on developing cutting-edge enterprise software solutions for the company's expanding range of robots and will help Addverb to become the world's biggest robotics company and provide products and solutions in different domains like airports and healthcare apart from material handling and warehouse automation.

The new SDCs launch aligns with the company's ambition of developing a robotic ecosystem in India. The company already has a world class manufacturing facility called Bot-Valley in Noida which also has an R&D facility and a customer experience centre and is coming up with one of the world's largest robot manufacturing facilities in Greater Noida. Both the manufacturing facilities combined will provide direct and indirect employment opportunities to more than 5000 highly skilled individuals. Noida will become a hot spot for Robotics talent and will attract talent in the robotics domain from across the country.

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