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CJ OliveNetworks and Addverb signs strategic partnership

CJ OliveNetworks and Addverb, global leader in robotics and warehouse automation solutions signs strategic partnership, strengthening smart manufacturing & logistics business

Provide optimal solutions at all stages, including design, installation, operation and after sales, in collaboration with ‘Addverb’, a global robotics and warehouse automation company 

Secure competitiveness in the smart logistics industry by integrating CJ OliveNetworks’ system integration know-how with Addverb’s engineering capability

Details of the cooperation between the two companies are scheduled to be revealed at the 2024 Automation World, held at COEX from the 27th to the 29th of this month.

CJ OliveNetworks (CEO Yoo In-sang) has entered into a strategic partnership with Addverb Technologies (Addverb), a global robotics and warehouse automation company. The plan is to integrate Addverbs’ hardware with CJ OliveNetworks' software technology and system integration know-how to provide optimal solutions at all stages including design, installation, operation, and after sales.

CJ OliveNetworks signed an official reseller partnership agreement with Addverb on February 23, 2024. Founded in 2016, Addverb provides intra-logistics automation solutions for the manufacturing and supply chain industry. It offers AI-enabled fixed & flexible automation solutions, enabling clients to realize new levels of efficiency, reliability and revenue. Their AI-driven solutions and software are designed specifically to serve the global e-Commerce, warehouse Distribution and manufacturing industries. In 2022, it attracted Series B investment worth $132 million and is now recognized as a global company.

Addverb has expanded into North America, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, and Singapore, and also operates an R&D center in Silicon Valley, USA. Major customers include DHL, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Maersk and Siemens, and this partnership with CJ OliveNetworks marks the company's first entry into the country.

CJ OliveNetworks is seeking to expand its business in the smart manufacturing logistics field based on the numerous business experiences and capabilities it has accumulated at CJ CheilJedang and CJ Logistics. It has proven its competitiveness through various external orders, such as the installation of smart factory projects for Hwayo (alcolholic beverage company) and HY (beverage drinks company), as well as the EPC project for an unmanned smart logistics center at the Korea Pharmaceutical Cooperative and a smart logistics center at Pusan National University Hospital in Yangsan.

In this partnership with CJ OliveNetworks, Addverb aims to tap into the smart logistics and manufacturing market, broadening CJ OliveNetworks' business scope beyond conventional software and solution-centric areas. The objective is to provide solutions that will revolutionize our clients' warehousing and manufacturing processes," states Ankur Yadav, Vice President of Sales. In particular, it is expected to provide comprehensive smart manufacturing logistics services tailored to customer needs by integrating the design and control software technology of Addverb's mobile robots, sorting robots, ASRS (Automated Storage And Retrieval Systems) and picking technologies.

In addition, the two companies plan to cooperate in the designing and installating smart manufacturing logistics facilities by using online and offline channels for sales expansion, marketing, and technical support.

The details of the cooperation between CJ OliveNetworks and Addverb will be revealed at the ‘2024 Smart Factory and Automation Industry Exhibition (Automation World)’ held from the 27th to the 29th of this month. Automation World is held at COEX as the largest event in the related industry in Korea, and CJ OliveNetworks is planning to participate this year as well, as it did last year to showcase its smart manufacturing logistics technology.

Song Won-cheol, who is the head of smart manufacturing logistics unit at CJ OliveNetworks, said, “I think this partnership with Addverb presents an opportunity for CJ OliveNetworks to take a leap forward as a comprehensive smart manufacturing logistics company.’ He added, “We will demonstrate synergy through joint programs between the two companies in the future.” and emphasized, ‘We will strive to achieve meaningful business results,”.

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