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How the introduction of 5G will affect warehousing automation

The next generation of wireless connectivity has already set gradual changes in motion. Amongst all industries, robotics is expected to benefit the most with the launch of 5G.
While smartphones have benefitted from this advent, other industries using automation and digitization are also set to develop even further, owing it to 5G—the fifth generation of wireless systems. Reports suggest that forward-leaning firms are already exploring how 5G and edge computing technologies can impact their businesses.

A 2021 Deloitte study spanning the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific showed that 76% of the more than 400 surveyed enterprise executives believe that 5G will become the most critical network technology within the next three years. Lightning speed connectivity and capacity to merge with distributed compute and storage enable low latency applications to automate manual operations and drive cost efficiencies in ways not feasible with previous generations’ wired or wireless technology. India launched 5G earlier this year from 24–47 GHz frequency signal ranges, supporting comparatively faster data transfer and interruption. In basic terms, the brand-new network enables firms to link almost every device because it stores data on the cloud, which makes it easier to share instantly. With such a massive leap in speed and performance, the network will not only reduce latency but will also enhance computing, offering infrastructure to support the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT).

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