Addverb To Open 2nd Robot Factory In Three Months - Addverb

Addverb to open 2nd robot factory in three months

Reliance Industries Ltd-backed robotics company Addverb Technologies will open its second manufacturing plant in the country in the next three months. 

The company makes fixed and flexible industrial robots. Fixed automated robots include automated storage and retrieval systems like pallet shuttles. Flexible robots include autonomous mobile robots and sorting robots where one can change the configuration anytime, and no fixed infrastructure is required as in the case of fixed robots. 

The company also plans to use the new unit to take some of the pressure off its current facility, which also serves as a software research, R&D and experience centre.  

“The new facility will be dedicated to large-scale industrial robot manufacturing, while the existing one will focus on specialized manufacturing.” Satish Shukla, co-founder, Addverb said.  

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