How This Homegrown Robotics Company Is Making Man And Machines Work In Perfect Harmony - Addverb

How this homegrown robotics company is making man and machines work in perfect harmony

Addverb Technologies is a homegrown robotics company that wants to touch human lives by pioneering human robot collaboration. Instituted in the summer of 2016 by seasoned professionals and technocrats, it has focused on providing end-to-end automation solutions and follows a 4D (Discover-Design-Deploy-Dedicated Support) approach, which ensures that the right automation solution is provided for a customer’s problem, right from discovering the problem to designing the solution and selecting technology mix to project execution and after-sales support. Since it make its own hardware and software, that gives it an advantage as the product can be customised to meet any specific business process of the customer.

“Earlier, the automation players were only Italian, German and UK companies whose products were standardised with little scope for customisation,” recalls Sangeet Kumar, CEO and co-founder at Addverb Technologies. “They were extremely expensive too, so only the big players could afford automation; this limited the knowledge of automation to small and medium sized companies. Moreover, the large players that had some automation used to face a lot of challenges with the installed solutions.”

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