Addverb: Automation Company Making Robots In India, For The World

Addverb: Automation company making robots in India, for the world

At a time when AI and automation have become household names, and several labour-intensive industries have turned towards these technologies to increase efficiency and reduce costs, Addverb, a global robotics and automation company, is further expanding its prowess in the robotics space.

The Addverb journey began at Asian Paints, where co-founders Sangeet Kumar, Prateek Jain, Bir Singh, and Satish Kumar Shukla, worked on automating warehouses. Asian Paints was importing many automation systems and robots from outside as they did not have good options available in India. That was when the opportunity dawned on them.

“India was not known for its hardware and robot manufacturing capabilities, but we wanted to change that image by creating a startup that would be known for both its hardware and software,” says Sangeet Kumar, co-founder and CEO, Addverb.

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