Addverb Helping Businesses Embrace Automation And Industry 4.0: Sangeet Kumar - Addverb

Addverb helping businesses embrace automation and Industry 4.0: Sangeet Kumar

Addverb Technologies is a global robotics and industrial automation company offering intra-logistics automation solutions to make the manufacturing and supply chain industry future-ready.

The founders come from IIT/ NIT backgrounds, and have decades of experience in setting up most automated factories and warehouses in the country. With a vision to disrupt the Indian manufacturing and supply chain industry, the home-grown company has today become a pioneer in implementing state of the art Industry 4.0 solutions across manufacturing and supply chain companies.

There have been some key triggers in last 5 years that have changed India’s supply chain and manufacturing sector. The rise of e-Commerce and it’s spread into every nuke and corner of the country after internet data revolution, the growth of organized retail in major towns and cities, the implementation of GST, which led to the consolidation of small warehouses into mega distribution centers, the high real-estate prices in cities, which forced the consumer warehouses to move outside the city, and the class="s4">supply and demand fluctuations.

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