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Innovations that will change your tomorrow

One of the most important but easily forgotten aspects of day-to-day life is how products get in front of the average consumer. Everybody consumes, but not everybody thinks about the process from manufacturing to storage, to distribution, and finally to the handover unless a problem arises. It is also no surprise that over the past few years, companies have seen an unprecedented spike in demand for faster delivery. That is where companies like ours come into play – in the logistics behind how things get from point A to point B. Each year, the need for a wide variety of robotics continues to grow. These robots can be specialized in storage, transport, picking, and sorting. Each has very different but equally important functions to optimize the warehouse logistics process, and each is crucial for a smooth timeline without too many interruptions or delays.

At Addverb, our robots are designed to enhance warehouse logistics performance. Zippy, our ultra-fast moving Sorting Robot, performs 100% accurate SKU level sortation up to 20,000 sorts/hour. We have Dynamo, our robust autonomous mobile robot (AMR) powered by natural navigation for efficient material movement. Quadron, our carton shuttle solution, and Multi-Pro, our pallet shuttle solution, perform the storage and retrieval of materials from a warehouse. While this is a brief overview of how robotics and automation can enhance logistics and smooth out processes, warehouse automation improves efficiency and costs drastically and are, within themselves, innovations of today.

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