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Warehousing Automation is helping to shape the facilities of tomorrow

The e-commerce industry has moved towards innovative methods of order fulfilment. Like a movie where the real action happens behind the scenes, the real magic in the e-commerce industry now happens in their existing warehouses, which have turned into smart warehouses using automation and robotics. In these warehouses, autonomous and assisted robots perform multiple tasks simultaneously to achieve speedy deliveries. These robots track and locate the purchased products, line them up for delivery, package by locations, and update the inventory status, all with minimal human intervention.

As per a recent report, companies across the e-commerce industry have embraced automation to accelerate their existing plans and lay a more robust, resilient and agile foundation. Once considered simple storage facilities, today’s warehouses have morphed into dynamic fulfilment centres, where goods are received, stored and dispatched. To put it bluntly, robotics and automation in today’s warehouses play a crucial role in the global supply chain.

To keep up with this industry practice, organisations are investing heavily and allocating a large sum of their expenditure on digitalising their operations and automating their warehouses.

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