Future Ready. Reliance-backed Addverb Technologies To Enter Hospital Automation: CEO Sangeet Kumar - Addverb

Future ready. Reliance-backed Addverb Technologies to enter hospital automation: CEO Sangeet Kumar

Reliance-backed manufacturing company Addverb Technologies, which specialises in producing automation machinery for warehouses and factories, plans to venture into hospital automation with the launch of four products by the end of this financial year, according to a top company executive.

Speaking to businessline, Sangeet Kumar, Co-founder and CEO, informed that the initial offering in hospital automation includes haptic sensors, which serve as joysticks enabling doctors to maneuver robots with precision, and a collaborative robot (cobot) designed primarily for lower limb rehabilitation.

Additionally, they are developing an exoskeleton for the upper limb, providing wearable robotic assistance. In terms of sanitisation and disinfection, the company already offers a mobile robot equipped with a UV unit, and medical-focused products catering specifically to healthcare applications

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