Tracking Robotics Co. Addverb’s Progress Post Reliance Acquisition

Published by :Analytics India Magazine

26th Nov 2022

Since the steppingstone of the first manufacturing facility, Addverb Technologies, the global robotics company is bracing for its second manufacturing plant, in the heart of Greater Noida.With Reliance on-boarding as a strategic partner in 2022, Addverb has observed an exponential growth with expansion especially across industries like FMCG, E-commerce, and Logistics.

The robotics company aims to become a dollar billion company in the coming 5 years, and is establish a new state-of-the-art new manufacturing facility in Greater Noida to cater to the surged demands of Mobile Robots and Warehouse Automation Systems. The facility spread in an area of almost 15 acres, will have a capacity to produce 60,000 robots of varied categories per year.

Sangeet Kumar, CEO & Co-founder, Addverb also mentioned how the company has grown in the past 6 years and the strong presence it has in e-commerce and FCMG companies in India. In the short term, they’re targeting to seep into the pharma, electronics, automobile industries. In the long term, not only do they plan on becoming a billion dollar company, but also automate the healthcare sector and automate baggage handling in airports.

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