Sangeet Kumar, CEO And Co-Founder, Addverb Technologies - Addverb

Sangeet Kumar, CEO And Co-Founder, Addverb Technologies

Addverb Technologies, a global robotics company, based out of India, provides an array of warehouse automation solutions, combining fixed and flexible automation, using their wide portfolio of products like Mobile Robots, ASRS, Picking Technologies, and Enterprise Software including Warehouse Management Software.

Addverb has a four-pronged approach to provide solutions for the warehouse, which starts with discovering the customer’s requirements, designing a tailor-made automation solution that is adept for their intralogistics, delivering and executing the project timely, and providing dedicated support even after the project deployment.

In a conversation with Mr. Sangeet Kumar, CEO, Addverb Technologies he mentions how Addverb provides world-class automation solution backed on cutting-edge upcoming technologies like AI, ML, IIoT, etc. Talking about the key trends, he mentions how FMCG and F&B companies are switching to automated warehouses and distribution centres to fulfil customer requirement on time and futureproof their warehouses. He also mentioned how mobile robots like AMRs and AGVs, cloud-based warehouse management software and Internet of Things is going to shape the future of the robotics industry.

When asked about the company, Addverb Technologies, he mentions how the company has progressed over a mere span of 6 years, and how a strategic funding from the Fortune 500 conglomerate Reliance Industries, enabled them to expand into the global markets, and open a new
manufacturing facility which will be one of the world’s largest mobile robot manufacturing facilities.

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