Will AI Impact Future Of Work: Human, Robot, And Collaboration

About the Guest

Mr. Sangeet Kumar is an engineer, a robotic enthusiast, and a visionary leader who stands at the forefront of the robotic revolution. He is a pioneer who is shaping the 'Make in India' narrative with his robotic army. With an innovative approach and unwavering dedication, he is taking India's robots to the world. As the Co-founder and CEO of Addverb, he possesses extensive experience in greenfield and brownfield projects across diverse industries. In addition to his passion for robotics, Mr. Sangeet Kumar is a significant contributor in the realms of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Tune in to the podcast to gain insights into his remarkable journey and discover his inspiring vision of the future.

About the Podcast

Step into the future of robotics with an exclusive conversation on the Future of Work with Humans, Robots, and Collaboration! Join us as our host Mr. Satish Shukla delves into the fascinating world of robotics with the visionary leader Mr. Sangeet Kumar, CEO of Addverb. Discover the incredible journey of a robotics enthusiast, explore the exciting possibilities of human-robot collaboration, and debunk common myths about robots. Get ready to be inspired and stay tuned for more captivating episodes.

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