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About the Guest

Mr. Aashish Kshetry is a distinguished figure in the field of information technology and business leadership, currently serving as the Vice President of Information Technology at Asian Paints. With a career spanning over three decades at Asian Paints, Mr. Kshetry has been an integral part of the company’s growth and technological advancements. His leadership has not only supported Asian Paints’ position as a leading paint and coatings company in Asia but has also helped in setting new standards for the use of technology in the industry. Mr. Kshetry’s role extends beyond the confines of Asian Paints, as he is recognised as an industry stalwart. His insights and strategies are sought after in various forums, including the Microsoft Future Ready Industry Week, where he shared his perspectives on building agile factories. In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of technology, Mr. Kshetry’s forward-thinking approach and his commitment to excellence continue to contribute significantly to Asian Paints’ success and the broader IT community.

About the Podcast

In this engaging podcast episode, Satish Shukla converses with Aashish Kshetry, the CIO and VP at Asian Paints, exploring the revolutionary role of robotics, automation, and digital technologies in manufacturing. Aashish recounts standout moments and surprising revelations from his vast experience, highlighting how automation enhances supply chain efficiency, productivity, and quality control. The conversation covers the hurdles of incorporating robotics into established processes and the rise of artificial intelligence and data-driven decision-making. Touching on the myths and truths surrounding IT professionals and engineers in manufacturing settings, this podcast offers an intriguing look at the innovative forces driving the future of manufacturing.

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