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About the Guest

Mr. Jalaj Dani is a visionary in the world of robotics and automation. He is the chairman of Addverb and EndureAir, and is a co-promoter of Asian Paints. Additionally, he is a board member at renowned companies such as Havells, Fourth Frontier, GreenLam Laminates, and Pratham. Beyond the corporate landscape, his commitment to societal well-being is evident through his involvement with Project Mumbai and Kapadwanj Kelavani Mandal. Mr. Jalaj Dani is also a fervent sports enthusiast, serving as a Co-founder of the ELMS Sports Foundation. Furthermore, he chairs the board of members at IIM – Trichy. After listening to him in this podcast, we can confidently say that his journey is nothing short of inspiring.

About the Podcast

In this episode, we have the privilege of hosting a distinguished leader in the realm of robotics, Mr. Jalaj Dani. This podcast is an incredible journey of mentorship, investment, and the inception of Addverb, where Mr. Dani played a pivotal role. The discussion delves into the dynamics of the human-robot relationship, touching on unique experiences in various industries., from Michelin-starred restaurants using robots for cooking to the deployment of robotics in the world of sports. As the conversation unfolds, Mr. Dani shares valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of scaling a business with automation. The podcast concludes with a thought-provoking discussion on the future of robotics, its impact on job creation, and the industry's responsibility to make technology accessible and user-friendly.

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