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About the Guest

Say hello to Mr. Yatin Varacchia, the brain behind Nosh Robotics, where cooking gets a high-tech makeover! Yatin's journey started when he found himself juggling a 9-to-5 job and a love for tasty, homemade meals. Not willing to compromise on flavour, quality, or health, he dreamt up a plan to use AI and robots to make cooking a breeze. Armed with an engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Science, Yatin knows his way around gadgets and gizmos. But he's not just a tech guru – he's also a traveller, a music buff, and a proud husband. For Yatin, cooking is more than a chore; it's an art that brings joy and love to the table. Get ready to join him on a tasty adventure as he transforms the way we cook and eat at home!

About the Podcast

In this tantalising episode, your host Mr. Satish Shukla brings to the mic the culinary wizard and tech genius, Mr. Yatin Varacchia. In this podcast, Yatin unveils his journey that led to the creation of Nosh Robotics, a startup set to revolutionise your kitchen. Discover the secrets behind Nosh, the robotic chef designed to tackle the daily cooking conundrums. From precise spice dispensing to mastering the art of stirring, Yatin talks about the challenges faced and the science behind culinary art. Can Nosh be the answer to every foodie's dream? Find out as Yatin discusses customisation, Indian tastes, and the potential future where Nosh might share the spotlight with MasterChef Australia!

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