New Era With Construction Robots - Ayushmoy Roy

About the Guest

Ayushmoy Roy, a visionary Mechanical Engineer, has been captivated by robotics since he was a kid. His journey from academia to entrepreneurship reflects his passion for innovation. With a strong interest in the automotive and aerospace sectors, Ayushmoy earned double master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Robotics and Mechatronics. These achievements set the stage for his career. After working at Schaeffler and Mahindra, Ayushmoy aimed to revolutionize the construction industry. Seeing a gap in the market, he co-founded Pace Robotics, a company using modular, multi-tasking robots to transform construction processes.

About the Podcast

In this episode of RawBotics, host Satish Shukla chats with Ayushmoy Roy, co-founder of Pace Robotics, about his mission to revolutionize the construction industry with their technologically advanced robots. Ayushmoy shares his journey from a childhood fascination with robotics to earning advanced degrees in Engineering and Robotics and Mechatronics. He discusses how his experiences at Schaeffler and Mahindra inspired him to address critical challenges in construction through automation. Learn about the innovative multi-tasking robots developed by Pace Robotics and their impact on productivity, safety, and cost in the construction sector. Tune in to explore the future of construction with robotics at the helm.

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