Automated warehouse solution for E-commerce space

Automated Warehouse


This solution is designed for a company entering grocery E-commerce space




The warehouse must handle a large number of SKUs and deliver more than 16,000 Customer Orders/day



The warehouse must operate as an omnichannel distribution center catering to big variations in order sizes



To ensure 99.8% accuracy in picking, packing and dispatch process

Addverb’s magic

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Addverb is all about finding valuable patterns


As it was a greenfield project, we understood the business requirement of the customer. Since grocery would be handled, the warehouse had to be equipped to handle a large number of SKUs with different shapes and weights including odd shape items. We did extensive industry benchmarking to understand the order mix that would be handled at the warehouse and were able to assess the order lines and quantity for each order line per each customer order. Through our extensive research and benchmarking, we inferred that the process had to be designed in such a way that it could accommodate full case picking and dispatch as well as break pack picking (each picking) and quick order consolidation.

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Solution Design

We first finalized the flow of the material through the warehouse and designed the inbound and outbound operation, with the help of a telescopic conveyor. Also, we partnered with the customer to understand and identify the A, B and C Class items. Along with order mix information, this gave us the insights to understand the pick faces that we would have to provide for each class of items to fulfill a large number of customer orders. For fast order picking, a mix of light and voice-directed picking technology was selected. For quick order consolidation, Pick-To-Light (Rapido) was used and an extensive network of Smart Conveyors was laid down for quick material movement. The entire warehouse operation was powered by Mobinity (WCS) which helped in order sequencing based on the business requirement. A Best-In-Class warehouse design was finalized which clubbed the following solutions:

  • Khushi (Voice-Directed picking technology)
  • Rapido (light-directed picking technology)
  • Mobinity (Warehouse Control System)
  • Smart Conveyors for material movement
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The project included the installation of 6000 Rapido (Pick to Light) and more than 2 Kms of Smart Conveyor network (Including accumulation conveyors & non-accumulation conveyors) and deployment of 100 Khushi (Pick by Voice) systems and Mobinity (WCS). Aided by world-class manufacturing facility, we were able to manufacture and supply all the automation equipment in a record time of four months. Simultaneously, the Functional Specification Document (FSD) was finalized in close collaboration with the customer and Mobinity (WCS) was quickly configured as per the same. A multi-disciplinary team of 30+ qualified engineers was deployed on the site to ensure fast installation and quick ramp up.

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Dedicated Support

Customer Support

Dedicated Support_Addverb

We were there to handhold the customer and provide initial support during the go-live and ramp-up. Post Go-Live, new business requirements were incorporated through structured change requests in a quick and smooth manner. Extensive documentation was provided to the customer capturing all the processes in detail along with video instructions on how to use the various automated equipment. Critical Spare parts were provided on-site to the customer and also a dedicated 24*7 support was provided with qualified engineers to help in the warehouse operations. Also, regular remote support for the customer was provided after the ramp-up and even when we left the site of operation

Our Impact

10 times

Increased productivity as compared to manual picking operations.

pick to light by Addverb


PTL installed to increase the productivity in the picking operation


Pick by voice systems installed to increase the productivity in the picking operation

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