Automation Solution For Indian Conglomerate For E-Grocery Foray - Addverb


The customer had already tasted success with offline retail and had successful offline retail chain in grocery, fashion and electronics to name a few. With an aim to capture the market share in the burgeoning e-grocery category, an online format was planned to be launched in multiple metro cities of India. The customer wanted to incorporate the Kirana stores (Small grocery shops or general stores) and intended to pioneer the B2B2C model in India. They planned to go live with the first site in Mumbai and wanted to deliver up to 15,000 customer orders per day and handle more than 10,000 SKUs to be handled including odd–shaped items. The value proposition was to make cost effective overnight deliveries to the customer so that all customers who placed orders would get it the next morning. The speed of fulfilment, accuracy in picking and ability to cater to maximum demand were the key aspects to consider while designing the solution. 

Solution Implemented

We did extensive industry benchmarking to understand the order mix for each customer order, including the line items and accompanying quantities, along with an analysis of the SKUs to identify A, B, and C class items. Also, we had to create a design that would accommodate Full Case as well as break-pack picking (Loose Picking/Each Picking). We designed a solution using smart conveyors and Pick-to-Lights to manage material flow from different zones and heights and consolidate orders for improved time to fulfilment and accuracy. We also incorporated Pick-By-Voice to utilise the warehouse space and manage the case picking and bulk picking. All orders from different zones would get consolidated with the help of a Put-To-Light wall and subsequently packed as per the dispatch routes. Our Warehouse Control System integrates Pick-to-Light, Pick-By-Voice, smart conveyor systems, and SAP at the enterprise level to optimise material flow in real-time, avoid bottlenecks, manage surges, group orders, and dynamically manage human resources for improved performance. 


Improvement in Key Results (KPIs)

The project was a resounding success as it led to achievement of stated objectives and the solution was replicated across other distribution centres in different cities.


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