3rd Party Logistics

3PL, an integrated warehouse-driven domain, will reap massive benefits by implementing automation such as omnichannel fulfillment, timely and accurate deliveries, and precise packaging.

3rd party logistics automation

Why choose Addverb for 3rd Party Logistics automation?

We are perfectly qualified and competent to understand the challenges of 3PL players to deliver immense value for their customers by operating an automated warehouse and achieve cost optimization simultaneously meeting the ever-surging volumes and customer expectations. At Addverb, we create automated material handling solutions that drive speed and accuracy of warehouse operations.


3rd Party Logisitcs Inventory management

Accurate inventory tracking allows brands to fulfil orders on time accurately and, choosing the correct software will help you manage that efficiently.



In order to optimize picking process and choose the optimal path during the picking, sortation is an utmost important task leading to the efficiency of business


3rd Party Logistics Order fulfilment

Having a well outlined and smooth order fulfilment helps your business continue to draw customers and satisfy them with your products


3rd Party Logistics Increase existing storage space

Expansion of the existing operations results in the requirement of additional storage space. By incorporating intelligent automation solutions, you can increase the existing storage space of your warehouse


Cross docking

Speed and productivity of a supply chain have become an important fact of growth in recent times. Cross-docking is one such strategy to achieve the same. By introducing smart automation solutions, you can attain required efficiency and speed

Our Impact

Increased Efficiency

Boosting warehouse efficiency and productivity with the help of Dynamo




in product picking operations with minimal human intervention


A staggering 20,000 picks/hour achieved with Zippy, an ultra-fast and intelligent sortation system

Trailblaze into the future

With the latest robotics and automated systems. Drop-in your query & we will get back to you at the drop of a hat!

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