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Mother-child shuttle system aka shuttle-based ASRS has been having a bit of a moment from the last few years due to its extensive adoption in warehouses and order fulfillment operations. This technology utilizes the capacity of the warehouses in cubic feet over the earlier means where it used to utilize its capacity in square feet. It is designed to optimize the space used within the warehouses in order to obtain a higher level of productivity and efficiency. This system integrates the automated hardware with the software for the accurate picking and replenishment process. This results in a reduction of inventory level and material handling inconveniences while increasing the productivity and accuracy of the warehouse as compared to the manual storage systems. But why we are calling it Mother-child specifically and how is it different from the already known ASRS of your dictionary? Let’s delve deeper into its functioning to unravel all these mysteries.

How does it function?
The mother-child shuttle system is a fully automated and equally versatile storage and retrieval mechanism for multi deep pallet storage. It consists of a Mother shuttle powered by bus bar, which runs on a track perpendicular to the pallet storage in the racking system. It has a pallet shuttle aka child in it which performs the function of storage and retrieval. This system is integrated with vertical lifts that carry the load to its destined position. Once the vertical lift reaches its designated position, the mother shuttle reaches there along with the child. The child takes the load and gets inside the Mother shuttle to again move on the track in order to reach the next destination. Retrieval of loads also happens through the same process.

Industry 4.0, individualization and digitalization are making such storage technology more important than ever, especially in retail, e-commerce, and multi-channel. The mother-child shuttle system is suitable for multi-deep storage and provides high throughput & facilitates storage up to 10 pallets per square meter. You can avail the benefits mentioned below by adopting Mother-child shuttle system in your warehouse:

• Every loading level has one mother and one child aka pallet shuttle which can go up to 15 levels high.
• In this system, the Mother shuttle offers a carrying speed of up to 3 m/s, and the child gives a speed of 0.8 to 1.1 m/s with an acceleration of 1.5 meters per second squared. The Lift offers a throughput of 60 to70 pallets /hour.
• It has a high load-carrying capacity. The whole system can carry a load up to 1500kgs.
• With a fast battery charger, it can get charged in 30 minutes and lead a cycle of 10 hours.
• It involves advanced safety and accuracy features that provide 100% accuracy in the positioning of the load and the pallet.
By incorporating the mother-child shuttle system into your warehouse operation, you can achieve a significant boost in efficiency, cost-savings, and productivity. Today automation is the key and is being adopted by many industries where storage is one giant task. There are various Automated Storage and Retrieval systems in the market and which technology ultimately makes the most sense for you to include in your operation depends on a number of factors including rate, your typical order, the type of product that you handle, and more. If you are also looking for an efficient storage and retrieval mechanism for your warehouse, then Addverb technologies are one such stop.

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